Saturday, December 29, 2018

The year of the Destiny wardrobe - 2018

This was our year. We changed the way we think about the clothing that we wear and more importantly, the clothing that we make for ourselves.  We saw the sewing community come alive - sharing their makes, re-thinking their wardrobes and making clothes that really matter.  Not sewing for sewing's sake, but sewing to unleash our inner creativity.  We thought about how clothes fit into our lives and how they made us feel, and we sewed with intention.
Loving my Wiksten jacket with my Linen Flint Pants!
Please enjoy clicking through all photos and makes for more information :)
So many of our community came to the sewing table fresh from the RTW world, wanting to better express their personalities in a real way.  Their respective ideas and dreams about life took shape in their wardrobes.  

"Sewing is about stepping toward and becoming our destiny. The clothes we create and sew are not only for ourselves, but also have a creative impact in our world.  As we see the difference we can make, we are empowered to create even more; this is our collective destiny."

We shared our creations on social media and we watched our community grow. More and more of us focused on independent pattern designers, the champions of online inspiration.  We led the charge toward creating Destiny wardrobes, providing a platform for creation, feedback, sharing and encouragement.

2018 was a great year - each of us in our own way made an impact on the collective sewing community. On this blog, we have tried to inspire our readers to create their own Destiny wardrobe by featuring Indie patterns and amazing fabrics. I of course reap the benefit of having someone make my wardrobe - I enjoy working with my team to feature the latest Indie patterns and fabrics, all just to inspire you to sew your wardrobe. Most of the garments are displayed in the store so our customers can see a finished garment - even before I get a chance to slip them on.

For the last year and a half, I am renewed with hope for our industry and my store, Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics, as well. Our online presence and visibility has grown exponentially. What began in 1981 and flourished through the golden age of sewing garments (the 80's), quickly began to drop away for over 25 years. It's so heartening to me to watch it come back with strength, passion, quality, and an emphasis on global community. 

What is fueling this magical renaissance? The high quality of fabrics my buyers find from around the globe, the exceptional new patterns from indie designers, and you! Yes without sewists, we would be like a library with no readers. Our Instagram community is definitely embodying the best parts of what it means to be a fabric lover and sewist. We all share, care, and support each other in our love of sewing garments and finding the next best fabric and pattern to try.

Yes we do mail order!
Thanks for reading along and following my adventures in experimenting with all the new patterns and fabric!

2019 is going to be another amazing year with so many exciting things ahead for my blog here as well as my collaboration with my team of 5 managers, 22 sales associates, and my dear friend, sewist, and collaborator for this blog, Laurel

Fit & Fun days with Laurel

Welcome to the world of fabric pairings! One Thursday a month, Laurel and I begin by picking out the fabrics that speak to us and the patterns that cry out to be made. Oh what a dream this is! Perhaps someday you will be able to join us in the store as we figure out what fabrics and what patterns we want to make? It really is all about access to quality fabric and learning about how to "pair" it with the right pattern for your body. 

Welcome to Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics! The Maya Top by Marilla Walker, paired with Pants No. 1 by 100 Acts of Sewing (we added a mock-cuff on the pants)

Our favorite makes of 2018

And just in case you may have forgotten or your sewjo is languishing, let me remind you of our favorite makes in 2018...

All together it gets a thumbs up!The Strand Coat and Camber Set, by Merchant and Mills

The Scout Tee - by Grainline Studio
Another Favorite - Decades of Style's Three's a Charm Jacket

The Kochi Kimono by Papercut, paired with the Melilot by Deer and Doe. We featured this easy jacket pattern in several fabrics - Ikat, flannel, kolkata cloth and a yarn dyed cotton.

The Kalle Shirt - by Closet Case Patterns
River Dress by Megan Neilson with my Pilvi Jacket by Lotta Jansdotter!
Southport Dress by True Bias is a hit!
Cannot recommend this Cinema Dress by Leisl +Co. too much!
The Matilda Dress by Megan Nielsen with a gorgeous Rayon
Cotton Lander Pants by True Bias
I think everyone in the store used this pattern.
Lander Pants Revolution! Seen here are three 
of my five buying and social media team -
Catherine, Lauren, Olivia and myself (from left to right)
The Reeta Midi Dress, by Named. Such a classic shirtdress - awesome in a gorgeous floral Rayon!
The Weekend Getaway Dress by Liesl + Co. made out of a sandwiched rayon. 
The Wiksten Kimono - renamed the Wiksten Haori. Who doesn't love boiled wool? Such a great jacket, we're making it again in boiled wool, only the shorter version.
The Matcha Top, by Sew Liberated made out of a gorgeous silk crepe (added a little ruffle on the sleeves)
Who didn't make a Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated in 2018? So many folks on Instagram made this dress and we had to jump aboard and try it out of these two rayons!
The Stasia Dress, by Sew Liberated in a soft poly knit.

The River Dress by Megan Nielsen. We made this dress twice - the first version was a little tight in the bust so we graded it upward and it was perfect.  Rayon is a perfect fabric for this dress! And it has POCKETS! YAY! 

Looking forward to 2019

We will continue to feature Indie patterns in 2019, but with greater emphasis on the fabrics that make the pattern. Here are a couple of my latest tries to be featured in my next blogs.

Advanced peek at my Inari Crop Tee from Named and the Emerson Pants from True Bias.
The top is the Friday Raglan Blouse with my new favorite Emerson pants...

Loving my Thursdays with Laurel! I'm wearing the Reeta Midi Shirt Dress by Named
and Laurel is wearing Ebony by Closet Case 

What are you ready to create? I hope that you are inspired by seeing many of our favorite patterns and fabrics pairings. Please stop by my store in Berkeley, Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics, or visit us online. We do swatches and answer any questions you may have about fabric "pairings" with patterns. Email my team at with any questions or swatch requests.

Many people who used to never buy fabric online are now seeing that they can! I believe what is happening is that people are learning how to feel with their vision. By seeing garments made up and following sewists on Instagram, we are able to "feel" the fabric and judge whether it would work up in the garment we are visioning. Give it a try or better yet, stop by and say hi in Berkeley the next time you are in the area. It's well worth the drive (or the flight) in!

Thanks again for following along and I hope that you find my journey useful and supportive to grow your own passion and visibility in our creative world.

creatively yours,
Since 1981, although I don't feel that old :)
4th Generation in the fabric business, 1919 - 2019

Sew Liberated patterns are so amazing!
This Stacia Dress would be so good for any body type in any quality knit - great for layering too!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration and your wonderful, beautiful store! I'll be back soon.

    1. Thank you! I am so grateful that our store is such an inspiration to you and so many. Looking forward to your next visit!

  2. I visit California a few times of year and visit your store each time. I always leave with a stack of beautiful fabric.Such a great place for sewers.

    1. HI Eileen! It's folks like yourselves that have kept us here and vibrant for so many years. I love that we are a destination for sewists everywhere! See you on your next visit! I think you will love all the changes we are making in our store too!

  3. As someone who rediscovered sewing in 2018, I'm delighted to have found Stonemountain Fabrics online portal. The fabric selection is terrific and the service for online orders is impeccable. My one suggestion; make a deal with Tessuti of Australia to become their US source. Tessuti's patterns are hands-down the very best out there--extremely flattering, fashionable, packed with sophisticated tips for good results. Right now, you can only buy Tessuti patterns online from Australia. This needs to change, and any vendor that steps in to take on their line will do very well, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience with our online portal! We have been building and focusing a talented team to help all our customers around the world. I will follow up about Tessuti and let you know what the situation is there. We try to have all the great indie patterns in our store that are paper patterns. Love hearing any suggestions you may have! You can email me to at anytime! Also coming soon is our new website with many new helpful features and services!

  4. I always come away from your blog and IG posts inspired! Your mail order service us wonderful. Thank you for the beautiful fabrics!

    1. Ah thanks so much! Your support means the world to me and makes me know that it is time well spent :) Our team in our mail order side of things is the best! We are so excited that we can reach more sewists everywhere and give them the quality fabrics and patterns that are worth their time to sew and wear.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love that you stop by to read and be inspired!

  6. I love your fabrics and designs. I'm so lucky to see them on you in person every few weeks!

    1. Thanks Julaina! It is the best job to be able to play with fabrics everyday. Thanks for always being so supportive of the clothes we are sewing! See you soon!

  7. Hold up hold up HOLD UP

    I need to know more about the version of the Lander Pants that Catherine is wearing

    Is that one kind of fabric or two kinds sewn together??