Monday, November 26, 2012

Give the Gift of Sewing at Stonemountain!

Give the Gift of Sewing at Stonemountain!
Great for Sewing Classes
Fabric, Notions, Patterns and More!

Get a Jump on the holidays!
Holiday season is just around the corner and sewers and crafters need to get a head start getting your sewing gifts underway!

 Can you meet our DIY Challenge and make all of your gifts this Holiday? Handmade gifts are so personal and meaningful! It can save money too. Wouldn't you be amazed if a friend made you this snazzy bag, for instance?
This bag is made up of bias strips and is a great stash buster!

Clean up your sewing room for the new year and get ready for the holidays all at once!

Tips For Success You can choose to make one special gift or get rolling on a production line of smaller items!
Plan ahead for success - making gifts takes time

It always takes longer than you think!

Here are a few ideas to turn your sewing room
into Santa's Workshop!

This bag is a classic make-up bag shape but looks great as a tote bag in the right fabric. See our sample in the store made out of stylish Japanese Kokka and Echino Fabric!
Or try a Scrappy Cosmetic Bag...
This patterns comes in four different sizes!

Buttons, Ribbons and Fabric  
make great wrapping and decorations!

Great for holiday hair ornaments too!  

Add decoration to your festivities!            
Using ribbon create your own trims that can be used to embellish  clothing, accessories and home d├ęcor. Different sewing techniques and  stitches are employed to make innovative flat and dimensional trims as  well as a wide variety of flowers.

(450C) Dec 20, Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 pm
The Titus patterns in general are good patterns for DIY gift givers!

Pattern - Titus Summer Blouse
        Both the Titus Summer Blouse or Village Blouse are good gift choices as they come in sizes small, medium and large. Both are semi-loose fitting which also helps!



Titus Village Blouse

Neck detail

Sleeve detail
Another Holiday class to take is our Holiday Family Sewing Class.
This is a great class for families and kids to take together! Bring the whole family and earn to operate a sewing machine, measure and cut fabric, and make a custom project - together!
Dec 27, Friday 11am - 3pm with Barbara Beccio
        Choose only one or two patterns for the holidays and make it in different fabrics for different people. You will get really good at that pattern and be able to make it fast and accurately which is a great gift to your sewing skills!


Carry tools to the Stonemountain & Daughter classroom in style! 
This notions case even hold your patterns!

Need more ideas for how to prepare?
 First things first, make a wish list!
Get all the things you want to give or get for the holidays

Now get some goodies to fill your holiday basket!

* New Scissors For the Holidays!
Could Gingher Scissors be any better? These new scissors feature a spring- action design to reduce hand fatigue, plus who ever minded a little gold bling?

Fiskars Fingertip Rotary - this rotary cutter allows for smooth cuts and you wear it on your finger! You can easily guide the blade exactly where needed.

Mundail craft scissors - 51/2" blade
These would make a nice small pair second pair of scissors for lightweight fabric and thread. These would also be nice in a travel repair kit or even for a scrapbooker.

Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors are a thin skinny little scissor - perfect for thread cutting and hence embroidery work.

Here are some fabrics to dress your table!

We have got a wonderful selection of Chanukah fabrics!
Christmas cheer!   
Look Forward to
Our Holiday Fashion Fabrics
and 2013 Classes in our Upcoming enewletters!
    From our family to yours, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday!
Bob and Suzan Steinberg and Stonemountain Family

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sewing Classes at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics for 2013 are up on our website - Plus a tip on How to Hem a Silk Scarf

Sewists Unite at Stonemoutain! I am so excited to be done scheduling and happy to share with you these amazing classes here at our beautiful store in Berkeley. If you haven't taken a class with us yet, please consider it! Our teachers are amazing and have been with us for years. Our sewing studio upstairs in our store is two full rooms of space, machines, dress forms - every thing you need to work on the project of your choice.

Call us at 510-845-6106 
to register or ask questions! 

Are you intrigued by the styles of the past? 

Do you have vintage  patterns in your collection? 
Have you admired the many wonderful  garments at Stonemountain & Daughter and wondered about the secrets  of these great looks?

 Join us as we explore available patterns and learn the techniques that make the styles popularized by The Look and the form-fitting sheath dresses of Mad Men so unique. New vintage inspired pattern lines, muslins, and fitting issues will be discussed. Darts, interfacings, gussets, and bound buttonholes will be included. Supply List
$40 / Workshop Fee

(322A) March 2, Saturday 2:00pm - 6:00 pm 

(322B) May 21, Tuesday 10:30am - 1:30 pm

The Artemis Coat is for those who enjoy La Fred's designs or are newly  introduce to her patterns. This is a perfect class for the experienced  beginner sewer! This easy to sew coat will look wonderful in a number of  different fabrics - especially lightweight wools.

Class - Make the Artemis Coat or the Lily Jacket - Barbara Beccio
For more experienced sewists, the Decades of Style, Lily Jacket is a great way to top off your favorite skirt, pants or dress. This jacket may be made of one fabric or the piecing on the jacket may be cut with a contrasting fabric/color for additional interest. Piping, cording and tucks will be demonstrated as additional visual interest that can be added to this jacket.
$85 Workshop Fee
Thursday, 6:30 - 9:30pm
March 7, 14, 21

Class - Make the Artemis Coat or the Lily Jacket - Barbara Beccio

Make a scarf to go with your new Coat! 


How to Hem a Silk Scarf
Use fine Gutermann polyester or silk thread with a long sharp needle.
1) Sew by machine on a single layer 1/2" around all edges.
2) Press to the wrong side along the stitching line.
3) trim / cut next to the stitching line.
4) Fold over to make a narrow hem and use a running stitch by hand to sew down.

Haven't you always wanted a corset?
Here's your chance!

 Class - Creative Corsets - Barbara Beccio
Beginning with Vogue Corset Pattern #2810, we will make the corset in muslin to fit to your body. The revised pattern will then be made up in the fabric(s) and trims of your choice. A variety of options including front, back, or side lacing and use of a busk will be explored. A rich variety of seam treatments and surface embellishments will be demonstrated, which can also be applied to your corset. Experienced beginner +

$140 Workshop Fee / 5 sessions
April 8, 15, 22, 29 & May 6
Monday 6:30 - 9:30
The recycled sweater is back!
Do you have sweaters that have a hole, are stretched out, the wrong size or oops - were accidentally thrown into the washer and dryer? Recycling fashion can make new garments and accessories! In this class, students works with sweaters they bring to cut up and re-sew to create a whole new look.
(422A) March 26th and 27th - Tues & Weds, 6:30pm - 9pm
(422B) May 13 & 20th - Mondays, 6:30pm - 9pm


                 TIPS and TECHNIQUES
Check out our Sewing Help pages on our website
 for many techniques and tips!
We have tips on bias tape, fabric care, buttons, silk fabric, fleece fabric, interfacing, fabric dyes and more!

To see a few techniques in action -
check out our sewing videos as well!
Vinyl, oil cloth, laminated cotton and faux leather are everywhere these days but they can be difficult to sew. In this class, we will discuss the best methods for cutting, pinning and securing these fabrics while we make a quick and stylish wallet and checkbook cover.  Supply list 
$30 Class Fee
(422A) March 12, Tuesday 6:30 - 9:30 pm  
(422B) June 16, Sunday 11 am - 2 pm

Glitter Vinyl! 
Never sewn before? Here is is a great way to get started!

Learn to use the sewing machine and take home a finished pillowcase in this 3-hour introduction to sewing class. Bring 1 yard of 45" cotton fabric for a standard case or 1.25 yards for a king-sized case.   All you'll need to finish your project is thread to match, scissors, pins, and a ruler.  This is a great class for adults and youth - 12 and up.
Only $30 per session
(35A) Jan 16  - Weds - 10am - 1pm
(35B) Feb 17 -  Sun, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
(35C) Mar 28 -  Thurs, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
(35D) April 3 -  Weds, 6:30pm- 9:30pm
(35E) April 26 -  Friday,  2:30pm - 5:30pm
(35F) May 10 - Friday, 10am - 1 pm
(40G) Jun 12 - Wed, 10am - 1 pm
Stonemountain is offering a quilting class for young sewists!
Class - Youth Summer Camp - Learn to Quilt!
Basic quilting class for young people ages 8 - 15. Is your young sewist ready to quilt? This one week camp includes everything you need to know to get started on sewing and create a simple rag quilt to treasure. You'll be learning basic machine sewing skills, safety, basic information about fabrics and cutting, and get started quilting. Machines provided. Small classes for plenty of one-on-one attention in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Supply list. 
  $145/4 Sessions    Instructor: Mary Patrone
(933) July 29, 30, 31, August 1
 10am  - 1 pm