Friday, October 26, 2012

Time for a Visual Feast at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in the Bay Area!

Take the Stonemountain & Daughter Tour!

Welcome! As you enter the store you see our cotton batiks!

cotton batiks

Stonemountain is crazy for cottons - we have prints of every kind!
Down the long aisle of our colorful flannels...

This flannel crossword puzzle print would make a great pair of PJ's!

Turn the corner to the other side of the store and you are at..
Fur Mountain!

Fur, Fur, Fur!
Behind Fur Mountain is our eco felt, wool felt, and craft felt
and our glitter vinyl...
The smaller room downstairs is our Fashion Room.
Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics originally started in this room!
The Fashion Room has all different weaves of silk...
chiffons, charmeuse, dupionis, suitings, organza...
And so much more...wools, knits, polyesters, velvets..
Magnificent warm wools!
To the side of our wools is our linen wall..
Polyester fabrics viewed over the tipy tops of ruffles!
Up the stairs at the back of our silk room is our classroom and our half off fabrics.. (1/2 off cottons are in the back of the main room)
Half Off Wools!
Want to take a sewing class? 
Here are a few that are coming up in November!
 Sewing Class - Perfect Seams with Barbara Beccio

Learn when to use different seam finishes to add a  professional look to your garments. Begin with a basic plain seam and  advance to Flat-felled, French and Welt, Bias Bound seam and the Hong Kong seam; along with topstitching and edgestitching.
Sewing Class - Beginning 101PP and / or Beginning 101QQ
Come learn to sew or improve your skills in these hands-on classes with  plenty of one-on-one time. This class is open to first time sewers AND  for continuing students who want to continue to build their skills!
Sewing Class - Nouveau Sashiko - Hand Sewing with Carrie Besso

Sashiko is a beautiful form - traditional Japanese quilting using a simple running stitch.
Serger Projects of Your Choice

Would you like to do more with your serger than  finish edges? Come learn new techniques while making a great project in  our new Serger Techniques Class! Bring your serger or use one of ours.
Back downstairs to our fashion room - before you leave the store - Holiday fabrics are in this room as well..
Gorgeous velvets and velveteens
Learn to sew velvet, silk charmeuse, sheers, sequins, fur -
These fabrics are essential for a great party and the holidays!
Sneak Peak of Holiday Fabrics...
Look forward to more in upcoming holiday news!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skip the Malls - Stonemountain in Berkeley has the fabric for your next garment!

Are you tired of malls,
going shopping, and never finding what you need?
Introducing customizable pieces for a unique wardrobe with flare!
            Get what you want in a quality fabric, right size with a custom fit, and one-of-a-kind styling! You won't find that at any mall!
This delightful layering piece can be worn as a jacket or a shirt.
The loose-fitting top has a yoke  extending into collar (wrong side shows) with dart tucks, no shoulder  seams, mock front bands, narrow hem and asymmetrical button closing. Great for many fabrics - wool, linen, cotton and more!
This Asian cotton is lightweight yet has a great texture that would double well as a jacket or a shirt.
If you want to create custom embellishments, this pattern even has instructions for silk-screening included.
These Sewaholic shorts are so adorable!
They are so nice made up in a suiting or wool blends
And how wonderfully flirty
- a wide grosgrain ribbon!
Trousers and shorts sit below natural waist with contoured waistband. Trousers are slightly flared.
Great for wool, linen, cotton and more!
Shorts are so cute in wools - here are a few to try out!
And don't forget to add pizazz with a fancy wide ribbon!

Make Something Unique and All Your Own!
Make Vogue 1291 and Vogue 1292 and create an outfit that will give you great joy!
Vogue 1291 - Misses Top - Sandra Betzina
Both top and skirt are designed by Sandra!
This loose-fitting pullover top has a bias  neck band, front sleeve overlapping back sleeve forming shoulder  opening, no shoulder seams and narrow hems.
Great fabrics are lightweight wools and knits, stretch lace, chiffon, and lightweight crepe.

Vogue 1292 - Misses' Skirt - Sandra Betzina
Sandra Betzina is the host of the Power Sewing Web TV Show and designs a full line of patterns for Vogue under the Today's Fit Tab. She has produced a skill series of eleven DVDs and is the author of: More Fabric Savvy, Fast Fit, Power Sewing Step-by-Step, and The Power Sewing Toolbox: Tips & Techniques.  Sandra is a popular speaker and hosts several week-long sewing retreats in San Francisco throughout the year.
Here are a few flattering layers that lie close to the body.
If you feel that a tank top is too revealing for your figure, the Perfect Tank Top Pattern will change your mind! This pattern is designed to hide upper chest and bra strap problem areas and accentuate the positive!
This tank would be nice in one of our rayon knits.
We have a wide color and pattern selection to inspire you!
Each piece here can be completed in 10 - 30 minutes! That right there is shorter than it takes to drive one way to the mall!
When sewing with knits you must use a ballpoint or jersey needle.
When sewing wovens you can use a universal needle.

This pattern is one that we recommend to our beginning students.
A simple straight forward pull-on skirt. This is a basic for any wardrobe. Make it up in a woven or a knit for a more or less formal feel.
              Straight pull-on skirts in three lengths have side seams, center back seam, and elastic in casing at waist.  These skirts are very easy to make and have easy-to-follow sewing instructions.
This skirt is designed for firm knit & woven fabrics such as double knit, jersey, cotton, cotton types, linen.
It would be great in a racy red linen!

Boutiques are so expensive!
Save your money - come to Stonemountain!
While here, check out One-Yard Wonders
by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins!
This book has 101 sewing projects that just use one yard of fabric!
How fun - you can embrace the variety of cotton prints at Stonemountain & Daughter and build a personalized and creative household of items made by you!

Or start making fun gifts for the holidays! This book has projects for your house, for on the go, for organizing your sewing and crafting spaces, clothing, bags, and toys and accessories for children.
With categories like that, who needs the mall?
Here is a simple skirt and top that we use for our beginning sewers.
Simpler patterns take less time but can be very altered dramatically depending upon fabric choice. Alter skirt and sleeve lengths for different looks as well!

Pattern - Kwik Sew #3139 - Skirts, Top, and Scarf
 The pull-on skirt has an elastic waist and a hemline slit on  one  side.  The View A top is finished with bias cut bindings. View B  top  has a boat neckline, cap sleeves with shoulder slits, and the  neckline  and armholes are finished with narrow hems. 

This skirt would be nice in our Robert Kaufman Radiance Collection. This fabric is 55% Cotton and 45% Silk. It is easy to sew as it sews like cotton, but it has a charmeuse-like sheen to it.
This fabric can be worn right side out for a shimmer or reverse it to show the matte side. Here you can see the shine on the right and the matte side on the right. It would be nice for custom bias bindings as well. You could add a small amount in contrasting color!
Clover Bias Tape Makers let you make custom bias tape.
We have two kinds - the standard kind and ones with an additional channel on top so that you can add fusible web.
1/4" makes a nice shirt binding - though can be a bit small for a beginner to manipulate. 3/8" or 1/2" are a bit easier to use.
Want to sew these simple ensembles?
Jump into our 101 Beginning and Beyond
These patterns are often recommended to our beginning students in our 101 classes.   
Or try our Mini Beginning and Beyond - 102
Our same popular class format in a shorter time block! 
We have after school classes for our young sewists!
Join kids, 'tweens thru  16, in an ongoing class for total beginners to intermediate stitchers.  Students work at their own pace and sew in a  light-hearted environment and in small classes with plenty of  one-on-one attention.

Beginners make a tote bag or pj pants, experienced  sewists work on their choice of projects.

In these times of mass produced clothing, it's amazing to be around the creativity of our customers.  We are attempting to create garments which reflect who we are and clothes to truly live in!

Please stop by and visit us in Berkeley!
Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics
2518 Shattuck Ave. @ Dwight Way
Berkeley CA 94704

You can also email me at

Thanks for reading!  Happy Sewing, Suzan

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sewing Pants - great Patterns, Sewing Classes and Fashion Fabric at Stonemountain in the Bay Area!

Great Patterns, Fabric, Classes and more - all at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley!
With Fall right around the corner, why not make a great new pair of pants? The fall patterns are coming out and here is a sneak peak - a Vogue pattern! - This cigarette pant is from Katherine Tilton.
Background Tile
(Bonus - this pattern includes a skirt too!)
And yet another bonus for this pant -
The pants are tapered and cuffed pants and have an interesting front seam detail and topstitching.
Vogue suggests moderate stretch knits only: Ponte Knit, Cotton Knit, Double Knit, Interlock.
Our elegant collection of Ponte knits would be perfect.
Background Tile
Our stretch wools are amazing too!
Background Tile
These pants are reminiscent of the elegance of Katharine Hepburn.
This pattern by Loes Hinse is flattering on many body types.
          Background Tile
Loes Hinse Hepburn Pant
Loes Hinse patterns reflect soft feminine shapes with simple lines that are easy to mix and match. Because of this, her patterns can be made in a variety of fabrics and can be used again and again.
This pant would be great in a rayon, silk noil or a linen.
A selection of Stonemountain & Daughter's Linen
          Background Tile
A selection of Stonemountain and Daughter's Silk Noil
This Decades of Style 1940's Empire Waist trousers is another variant on the theme. They are cuffed and stylized and very 1940's.
          Background Tile
These pants will make your legs look long and sleek!
This intermediate pattern has an invisible zipper at center back and darts in front and back for shaping. 2" cuff at bottom.
Background Tile
 Decades of Style #4004 - Empire Waist Trousers.

Tips from Janet Manning - Decades of Style
 1) A lightweight wool is perfect for these pants. They really look fantastic when you make them up in the wool suiting fabrics!  I think that is personally my favorite fabric for those trousers. I've actually made them up in quilting cotton and they looked totally cute in that as well.
Background Tile
Stonemountain & Daughter wool suitings

2) If your fabric is very light weight and somewhat drapey - you might need to be a little more aggressive about tacking the bottom cuff in place if you don't want it to flop around.
Background Tile
Don't know how to hand baste? 
Jump into our hand stitches class with Carrie Besso!
 Essential Hand Stitches
These stitches deliver confidence and professional results.
Want to make pants that are all your own? 
Want to make sure they fit?
525 Pattern Adjustment Class with Barbara Beccio
For the more experienced sewist, you can begin to work on these pants in  Beginning and Beyond 101 or 102 or a sew lab 250...
You may have to  repeat classes in order to finish your project.
101 Beginning and Beyond
and if you have less time - you can get going in -
102 Mini Beginning and Beyond - Kwik Start!
These classes are for seamsters of all levels.
Sew Lab 250
This is the place to work on individual projects with an instructor and get the help you need! Need help starting a project? Or get help finishing a project that you have started at home!
Background Tile

"Women  did not commonly wear trousers in 1930. There were some loopholes   in  this dress code in the form of lounge and beach pajamas. Ah,    necessity, the mother of invention! This fabulous vintage pattern from    1930 is proof positive of the progressive spirit of fashion."
            -Decades of Style
Background Tile
A nice floaty fabric is what you want for these salon trousers.
Our rayons would be great - fabulous prints!
Want to make these pants with some help? You can make them in Beginning and Beyond 101 where you will have four or five sessions to complete it! If you have less time, you could make part or all of your project in our Mini Beginning and Beyond 102 which is nine hours of sewing in two or three sessions.
Background Tile
If you need help fitting your pants, we recommend Pattern Adjustment with Barbara Beccio or the Fit Lab with Lynda Maynard. For fitting or construction assistance you can also take one of our popular Sew Labs! Our Sew Labs are created to assist you on any phase of your project, so you get the help you need!
Kids Sew Too
at Stonemountain & Daughter!

Join our After School Sewing Club with Barbara Beccio.
Sewing 8 years +
 Join kids, 'tweens thru  16, in an ongoing class for total beginners to intermediate stitchers.  Students work at their own pace and sew in a  lighthearted environment. Classes are small with plenty of  one-on-one attention. Beginners make a tote bag or pj pants, experienced  sewists work on their choice of projects.
After School Sewing Club
(940A) September 13, 20, 27 October 4 Thursdays 4 - 6 pm
(940B) October 8, 15, 22, 29 Mondays 4 - 6 pm
(940C) November 1, 8, 15, 29 (skip 11/22) Thursdays 4 - 6 pm
 $90/4 Sessions