Monday, February 10, 2014

Knowing when to Quit!!!

With a garment sewing project, as with any creative pursuit, you have to know when to throw in the towel. While pattern fitting is an important step to a successful project, but it's knowing WHAT looks good on your body is a key starting point.  If you are a beginning sewist, I suggest trying on a lot of ready to wear styles in the department stores to see what works on your body type, ask advice from the sales associates, make a window shopping day of it, then go find a similar pattern!

Not every pattern is going to look good on you. For instance, mini-skirts and shorts patterns should be reserved for the younger set, unless you happen to be still rockin' some gorgeous gams into your 60's. Or that lovely tea length dress in a large floral print might be better suited on someone taller than 5'2". Picking out patterns that really work on your body type sometimes requires a little trial and error. Even an experienced seamstress can make a bad judgement call about a particular style.

So check this out:

I loved this beautiful wool crepe - it's the most delicious color of purple. 

Immediately, Laurel and I both thought - PANTS!! We chose a Burda pattern (#7746 - now discontinued) - a slim, straight legged pants designed to ride a little lower than your natural waistline. We hadn't tried this particular pattern before, but it seemed like it would make up nicely and be a good addition to my winter work wardrobe at Stonemountain.

As with any new pattern (especially pants!), Laurel made a muslin to test out the fit without actually cutting into the beautiful wool. Though we both loved the styling of the pockets and waistline, they did not love me back! The pockets did not lay properly on my hips at all, instead they poof out like wings, the leg is baggy at the knee; basically, the whole look was all wrong for my body type.

What's up with those "pooching-out" pockets??
And that, friends, is when you have to know when to throw in the towel 
on a project and just chalk it up to experience.

Not ready to do so? Really wondering how to get past the hump of bad pant fit? Take our Well-Fitted Pants Pattern Class #505. Using a basic pattern for straight legged pants (or bring in the pattern of your choice), you will make a pant muslin and learn to make adjustments on the muslin, then transfer those changes to the paper pattern for a perfectly customized pant just for you.

Moral of the story? Love your body the way it is and choose another pattern!
And remember, muslin is cheap - use it wisely, use it often.