Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Little Dress that Could! Pattern Review for 100 Acts of Sewing - Part 1!

Sometimes a pattern looks so simple you pass it by, opting instead for something with dramatic styling or clever detailing.  Nobody wants to look like a Plain Jane in a garment that perhaps only took a couple hours to make. But we say don't be so quick to dismiss a simple straightforward design—the beauty of simplicity is that with just a few minor changes, pattern hacks, incredible print, or added embellishments you can make it your own style!

We are having a ball seeing the diversity that can be achieved with one classically simple pattern: Dress No.1 from Sonya Philip's indie pattern line, 100 Acts of Sewing. The drawing is deceptively simple, but just like her Pants No.1 pattern that gets our rave reviews. This dress pattern is as versatile as it is simple.

Dress No. 1 is described as a "sleeveless dress with a flattering A-line silhouette and patch pockets."  If you follow the instructions to the letter, the neckline and armholes are simply finished off with bias tape facings.  You can purchase ready-made tape at the store, or you can make your own bias strips out of a contrasting fabric using one of our fat quarters or 1/2 yard of fabric. We love bias tape makers, which are the fastest and easiest way to create your own. Your bias facing can match your fabric to blend in, or choose a contrasting print or color for a fun hidden detail!

If you don't like the look of the bias tape bindings, you can always revert to that tried and true one piece facing for sleeveless dresses, tracing around the pattern's neckline, shoulders and armholes.  We'll do a full tutorial later on this pattern hack later! Our point is, there are a lot of ways to make this little dress unique to you, fitting your sewing ability and style.

Laurel used one of our ikats to make her first Dress No.1.  She also purchased a cotton batik print to make the self facing discussed above, but she could have easily cut her own bias strips according to the pattern instructions. She also prefers a deeper scoop, so she lowered the neckline. It's amazing how simple adjustments can personalize a project!

Patch pockets are just begging to be embellished.

You can't just have one Dress No. 1! The pattern is so versatile that with a few snips of the scissors, you can change the neckline into a V shape or a square. Make it longer or shorter, leave off the pockets, try a knit or one of our beautiful many choices!

Poly knit...Laurel's beading
Nevada Linen...border added.

Claire in her many versions of Dress No. 1
Natalie shows off her layered Dress No. 1 variations.

I had the chance to try on one of Natalie's and I am officially inspired to add Dress No. 1 to my wardrobe. We've picked a linen and a double gauze for my first ones.
Can't wait to show you!

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