Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome my new assistant Kate!

What a summer it's been! I had such high hopes for a weekly blog, but got involved in all the day-to-day intensity of running a fast pace Fabric Store. Please join me in welcoming Kate, my new assistant and creative collaborator! I would love to share her wonderful experience that she had last week. I promise to resume with more stories from our industry and the fun of running a fabric store...kindest regards, Suzan

Kate Ruddle recently wrote:

Last Saturday, I went to my first real fashion show and what a treat it was! Sandra Betzina was showcasing her pattern line – “Today’s Fit” for Vogue. To my delight the “program” was a collection of about thirty patterns that the audience got to see made up in beautiful fabrics and wonderfully finished garments worn by Canada student volunteers.

It was very inspiring to see the fabrics that Betzina chose to go with her patterns. A real stand out was a velveteen skirt with leather piping ! She started her talk by saying how lucky we are to have access to such wonderful fabric in the Bay Area and later in her show recommended StoneMountain and Daughter’s denim in 12-14 oz for her cropped jean pattern (Vogue 1034).

Coats were a real highlight, Sandra Betzina said “ When you look at fashion magazines…Its all about the coat, the bag, and the shoes”, and indeed, my friend and I were particularly taken with her coat patterns. As Sandra encouraged us to get most most mileage out of our sewing skills for this Fall, I perused the program to choose the most wonderful Betzina coat pattern.

I loved pattern 1147 with its long sweep and my friend loved the shorter and more versatile Vogue 1198. I also was inspired by Vogue 1097, her raincoat pattern. It was a short swingy number that transformed with fabric choices: Betzina had made it up as a fun and useful Bay Area raincoat and as second coat in the same pattern as an elegant silk coat.

After the fashion show, Betzina’s gave a half hour lecture demonstrating many wonderful techniques from her new upcoming books. She has so much new knowledge to share that she is releasing two new books – Power Sewing Toolbox 1 and Power Sewing Tool Box 2. She started out with techniques that complement her patterns: rolled hems, fusible thread techniques, and sequins which will be hot for Fall !

I imagine that her lecture will be preview of your evening in October at StoneMountain and Daughter and so I also wanted to share it. There was a continuous collar that seamed on the back instead of at the collar points – a very discrete detail. She also showed a technique to line a wool ribbing pant with tricot that was easy and elegant, and finally a fast and super easy cut away seam for a bulky jacket that gets laid on a ribbon and feather stitched !

Oct. 14 – 6:30-9:30pm $30. Come to an evening of fun -–space is limited so please sign up early– see her samples and learn her new techniques. You will get to see how Betzina intends her creations in the fabrics that she uses and it will inspire your creativity.

You will also want to order Power Sewing Toolbox 1 and Power Sewing Tool Box 2 soon to get the first publishing, which you will receive for the Winter Holidays. The second publishing will be available in January.

~ Kate Ruddle