Monday, November 7, 2011

Confessions of a Fabric Junkie

Confessions of a fabric junkie!

If you already didn't know this about me, I love to buy fabric. Yes, I am a fabric junkie. As my story is told, I have been collecting fabric since I was 9 years old. The oldest fabric I have in my trunks is a print with the landing on the moon. Throughout my childhood I cherished a 1/2 yard fur remnant which draped over the end of my twin bed.

Looking back through time, this is one of the manifestations of our humanity - the making of textiles and all their uses from birth to death; for body and home. All fabric junkies carry this in our genetic makeup. It's really old and it serves us on many levels. I am blessed that I was born to buy fabric. I look back to my forefathers and what I have been given. This opportunity to make beautiful connections deep within the American textile industry is one of the things I cherish most about my job.

I remember going to New York back in 1985 - with only one contact and a lot of excitement. This trip last week was a special time to see old friends in the industry and buy new fabric. I hope you will enjoy these photos as I share part of my journey into the jobbing heart of Midtown NYC!

Take a look and see how inspiration can be found all around us. Better yet, come down to Stonemountain & Daughter and check out all the new one-of-a-kind designer fabrics.