Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our new class brochure is up online and at Stonemountain & Daughter! We have over sixty classes: many wonderful new classes as well as everyone's favorite great classics. Come by and pick up a copy! Since we expanded our program, we no longer mail our brochure out, but if you need it mailed - please email us and we are happy to get it out to you.

Thank you for sewing with Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics!
Suzan and Bob Steinberg.

New to sewing? Consider our 101 Beginning and Beyond class and our Sew Labs. Beginning and Beyond is our most popular class!

           This class is open to first time sewers AND for  continuing students who want to continue to build their skills! Expand  your sewing confidence by learning basic stitches and machine use. In class, you learn to sew a  pair of PJ's, skirt, or project of your choice. You'll learn to read  and layout a commercial pattern, select and cut fabric, and other basic  sewing and finishing techniques that build the skills needed to create  basic wardrobe garments. Other alternative beginning sewing classes..

Want help and blocks of time to devote to your sewing projects?  
Creative Sewing & Fit LAB for all Personal Projects! Everyone has projects never finished...or never  started. Face your fears and enter our Sew/Fit Lab! Sew Lab is your  sewing studio away from home. Get advice and tips from our wonderful  instructors on your very own personal project while using our large  cutting tables, Bernina sewing machines, serger / overlock machines and  dress forms. Almost like a private class, this is your time to make  anything you want! This is the perfect place  to get individualized attention and your projects fitted. Give yourself  the gift of little "me" time. Retake as many times as you like!
Want True One on One time?
We now offer private classes at Stonemountain & Daughter! Email us to schedule a session that is all your own.
Our youth classes are about to swing into full gear.
We have our wonderful Youth Summer Sew Camp program this summer.
Starting in June and running through August, we have many three and four day camp classes from which to choose. Many students enroll in multiple weeks!

For kids that just can't wait to get sewing we have a new class - Hand Sewing for Kids - Ages 6 +. Students have fun making a cell phone case or small  purse, learning how to seam fabric together using small  running stitches and sew on a button and a  snap. This class serves as a springboard and accessory construction to later classes  offered at Stonemountain & Daughter.

Our pattern, fitting, and design classes focus on focus on fit and pattern making.

Wary of making pants, or made pants in the past that didn't fit? Take Barbara Beccio's Making The Perfect Pants Pattern. In this class, an initial paper pattern will be adjusted to fit your body and a muslin cut from that pattern. The muslin pant will be further fitted and adjustments transferred to your pattern.
Sewing Techniques

        We have over seventeen sewing technique classes. These classes are designed to improve your sewing construction skills. We have our solid core of classes and we are offering a few new fun ones.


Introducing Designer Details..
You will make your own bias tapes, piping, covered buttons and ruffles! What a fun way to dress up a garment! 
          And speaking of ruffles; we have a whole class devoted to ruffles!  
Background Tile 
Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles
Nothing adds flair and interest to a garment or accessory like ruffles.  In this class, learn how to make four different styles: straight self-faced,  double straight, circular, and cascading ruffles!  

We have many, many new Quilting classes. Of special interest is Ann Tarabini's wonderful new quilting series. This series will have you well-stocked with techniques that are fundamental to quilting!

Background Tile Rotary Cutting Rectangles
Rectangles are the most common shapes used in quilts. In this class you  will learn different rotary cutting methods that help you quickly and  accurately cut out rectangles. This class covers sewing accurate quarter inch seam  allowances, pressing for ease of construction, and matching intersections.

          Background Tile Rotary Cutting Half Square Triangles
Second only to rectangles, half square triangles are the most common  shape used in quilts. Learn the "formula" that allows you to quickly and  accurately cut "half square triangles" without using a template.  Students will learn how to sew accurate quarter inch seam allowances, press for  ease of construction, and match intersections while making a quilt  block.

          Background Tile          
Learn how to make templates for any quilt block that you  would like to piece. In this class, students learn drafting skills to  produce a pattern. Students will then make templates that will help  with cutting and sewing accuracy. We will use these templates to cut out  and sew together a simple block. Accurate quarter inch seam allowances,  pressing for ease of construction, and matching intersections will also  be stressed.   
Weekend Sewing Retreats

We have two weekend sewing retreats! Dive into a full on weekend of sewing! Spend an evening and two days with Sandra Betzina, making Vogue pattern 1201 or Vogue pattern 1292. Go home with an outfit that fits you and guarantees loads   of compliments. During construction you will learn to work with slippery   fabrics, knits, flawless neck bindings, skirt linings and a new  elastic  technique.   Background Tile
Choose Vogue 1201 - Donna Karan's fitted jacket and pant

Vogue 1292 - Sandra Betzina's lined skirt with origami border.  Background Tile 


Our  other weekend retreat is with Jean Williams Cacicedo, where you make an  Artistic Felted Wool  Jacket. Explore   the unique process of   designing the perfect unstructured jacket using   "felted" wool fabrics. 
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Wool   fabric, when shrunk, becomes soft, dense  and  adapts well to simple    sewing techniques including reverse  appliqué techniques  and lap seam    construction. This class has become Jean's signature class at  Stonemountain  and it provides a lot of inspiration and information on  working with  wool fabrics at Stonemountain. Come spend the weekend with  Jean!
Specialty Classes

We are offering a new class taught by Barbara Beccio, Creating with Ribbon! Using ribbon create your own trims that can be used to embellish  clothing, accessories and home décor.
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          Creating with Ribbon
Different sewing techniques and  stitches are employed to make innovative flat and dimensional trims as  well as a wide variety of flowers.