Tuesday, April 24, 2018

3 Powerful Steps Toward Your Destiny Wardrobe

From visioning to creating to wearing, we get to show up in clothes that are uniquely us. When I am around beautiful fabric, my heart starts to race with ideas. Does yours? My heart fills up when I stare into my closet of handmade clothing. 

Let our clothes be our voice. 

There are three steps based on feminine principles for creating. As we name them, we begin to notice how our sewing projects come more alive. We are part of an exciting worldwide creative movement and now is the time to sew clothes that matter

Fabric is at the very center of this creative impulse. 

Just last week I had a customer come into my store and share her unique "Destiny Wardrobe" vision. She was getting ready to move to Wichita, Kansas to start a new life. She had purchased an old 1930's home and was in the store for hours finding all the patterns and fabric to create a 30's wardrobe!!! Her story was compelling, and it was amazing to watch her dream unfold through her fabric and pattern choices (if Wichita woman is reading this, please  send me updates and photos on your 30’s creations).

I would love to hear about your various Destiny Wardrobe ideas!

Let's explore the steps I have used over the last five years in creating my destiny garments. These same steps have also supported me in bringing greater visibility and impact to my store as well as catalyzing the lives of those around me. Sewing is a metaphor for how we are stepping toward greater possibility in our lives. Step by step, garment by garment, I am feeling more empowered and seeing more manifest in my life; I want you to feel this same sense of empowerment.

Step One: Visioning/Choosing Patterns and Fabric
  • What do I most want to sew? First? Next? And then?
  • How will I feel showing up in my new me-made clothes?
  • Where do I go throughout my week? What are my wardrobe needs?
  • Have you had a chance to look at the great indie patterns available?
  • Choosing the right fabric is key. How does it look and feel? What does it want to be?
  • For ideas, confidence, and courage look on Instagram and search for all the projects you are interested in by hashtags (#).

If you need help getting started, check out some of our recent pattern roundup posts here and here. Sewing one of these favorite patterns is a great way to go.

Step Two: Create and Sew Garments
  • What are my next steps and actions?
  • Are there others with whom I can co-create and sew?
  • What support through classes, blogs, and friends is available for me?
  • How can I adjust my schedule to give me more time to sew?
  • Do I need to create more space for sewing? What new tools or machines would be helpful?

We are always posting here about my latest garments, and my seamstress Laurel often has great tips and tricks for you! Read more about seam finishes, sewing with knits, drafting a facing, and more.  And if you get stuck, there are so many other resources out there.

Step Three: Wearing and Sharing your Garments
  • Think about your project ideas and your lessons learned. Where would you be able to share them? Are you on Instagram?
  • Now is the time to show up in your new garment - it’s not only a way to express your creativity, but also a gift to share with the world! Are you ready to post a photo? Email me a photo or stop by the store!
  • Where might you learn more about what skills you may need to cultivate? Have you looked through YouTube, blogs, and local classes?
  • Remember, your sharing, courage and visibility take each of us to new creative heights, and yes it’s ok to be imperfect! In fact we sometimes learn the most from these breakdowns, right?

The Instagram community is our current favorite way to see what other people are making and to share our own creations.  I'm @fabriclady3 on Instagram, and my store is @stonemountainfabric.  We especially love for you to share your garments with everyone at our beautiful store!

What if each garment we create and share is a step toward our destiny?

Do you hear the call of your creative? Is it a low whisper or a loud roar? Are you ready to step away from your old story of "not enough talent, time, money, space, confidence..." and create something new in your life? Are you excited to find a creative tribe that will support you in your sewing?

Even if you are not a sewist, this feminine process may resonate with your deepest yearning to create more in your life. 

I believe this leap can be as simple and powerful as making a garment.

As always, I am standing with you 
celebrating your creative potential.

Suzan Steinberg

Owner, Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley CA
Stay in touch and email me at fabriclady3@gmail.com

P.S. If we're not connected on Instagram yet, come connect with me here and my store here.

Sharing and supporting boosts and helps us all with our creativity, right livelihood, and prosperity projects :)

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