Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sew Clothes That Matter and Create Your Destiny Wardrobe

Something new is happening: just when almost all the fabric stores have closed, people are sewing clothes again! A worldwide movement of sewing clothes that matter is being fueled by sewists sharing through blogs, fabric stores, and social media. 

The world of sewing has changed from the time of our mothers and grandmothers. No longer do we rely on those old corporate patterns for a new generation of pattern designers has emerged.

My journey of creating garments from the amazing fabric in my store has been dedicated to showing how new independent patterns look on real people. This inspires courage to try sewing them which in turn leads to more sharing in the store and on social media. As sewists bravely share, community is created.

Sewing is about stepping toward and becoming our destiny. The clothes we create and sew are not only for ourselves, but also have a creative impact in our world.  As we see the difference we can make, we are empowered to create even more; this is our collective destiny. 

We can feel this is an unprecedented time in history for the world, women, and all makers. The internet has made it possible for each of us to connect with so many. Instagram and blogging are but two of the new ways our creative community is coming together in powerful numbers. This sewing movement is a new story of possibility and collaboration for all .

I love cotton ikatsCotton + Steel knits, and Sew Liberated patterns!

Each of the 200+ garments we've made over the last five years of blogging has allowed me to see how we can make a difference individually —  wherever we are, whoever we are. 

We do not have to be anybody but ourselves. We are enough, right where we are. Sew and create for the body you have, and it will inspire others!

Tea House top in ikat, Melilot shirt in cotton sateen, and my Cocoon Cardigan in metallic sweater knit.

The combination of choosing the right fabric, patterns, and notions for your body is magical with Indie Patterns — so much simpler than with the old corporate patterns of yesteryear. Indie Patterns along with the awesome quality of imported fabrics is fueling our Garment Sewing Revolution at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics

Stasia dress in rayon knit & Farrow dress in rayon/linen.

Join me in this series of blog posts and beyond as we journey together and awaken our potential as creators to impact the world around us. 

L:  Laurel and I with Sonya of 100 Acts of Sewing patterns.  R:  Wearing my Ebony tee in reversible rayon knit.

Throughout all times, fashion and clothing was directly influenced by the fabric available. Never before have we had access to such stimulating and beautiful fabrics as we do now. Never has there been a time of greater opportunity for making clothes that matter.

Let's join our voices and garments together to create the world of our yearnings! This is the time we have been waiting for. The door is opening and we are being called to create something more: Our Destiny Wardrobe!

As always, I am standing with you celebrating your creative potential.

Suzan Steinberg
Owner, Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley CA
email me at

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Sharing and supporting boosts and helps us all with our creativity, right livelihood, and prosperity projects :)

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You can view the top 10 pattern picks for 2018 over on the Stonemountain Blog.


  1. I am a huge fan. I love SM&D and I love sewing. I want to share this on my webpage @ 😍

  2. Thank you Paula! It's wonderful to know that you are out there and want to share this on your webpage! Yes please! Stay tuned for the next post as I think it will really propel us forward!

  3. Best fabric store on the planet, and this "Destiny Wardrobe" movement is so powerful and timely! Thank you for supporting this magic and inspiration to help us all be more authentically present in the World!

    1. It means so much to me to hear from you. I love sharing here on this blog and in my store. So much is opening up by focusing on our power as creatives and the process of sewing clothes that matter! Thanks for posting this marvelous support. I will keep writing as authentically as I can!

  4. I truly agree with you! I have been sewing my entire life, and can honestly say I am one of the few women I know who loves her wardrobe - and I do it while also having fun, relaxing, and certainly saving money. So many women out there have so much unused clothing just sitting in their closets, but they keep buying, thinking "It" is out there But it isn't - you have to make it!

    1. I love your perspective that it isn't out there and you have to make it! I love how you are having fun and creating clothes with meaning and love! Thank you so much for sharing...Suzan

  5. I'm so tired of begging, but I'll do it once again, "Oh please, please open one of your beautiful stores in Marin! :-)

    1. I never tire of hearing our customers ask for us to be closer to means we are valued by you! I know you understand that having one store is enough and for us to focus on it to survive and be the store for everyone! We have more and more online and for you to purchase too when you don't want to travel the bridge and Hghwy 80....Wish we could be more places, but glad we have one this good...thanks for your suggestion, Suzan

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