Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Definite Must for our Destiny Wardrobe: The Scout Tee

Lately on Instagram we noticed that many sewists are showing their "Tried and True" patterns, or TNTs. A TNT pattern is one that you've made so many times that you know it will always fit and you can experiment with different fabrics. As we begin to put together our Destiny Wardrobe, we want pieces that we can make in a variety of fabrics. Even though it is the same pattern, each version communicates a little bit of who we are through the careful selection of fabric.

One of our all time favorite TNT patterns is the well fitting Scout Tee, by Grainline Studio.  It is so basic that even a beginning sewist can master it.  It might even be a good introduction to your first set-in sleeve! Over the years we have sewn up many patterns from Grainline Studio and I love them all.

Ok let's get started and discover the magic of the Scout Tee and create Clothes that Matter! Not only is this basic tee a wardrobe must, but by buying the pattern we are also supporting an independent business who cares about all of us! Grainline Studio is a "pattern shop featuring modern, fashion-forward patterns that fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. All of the patterns are drafted with a contemporary fit and they take extra care to provide clearly illustrated instructions that are easy to follow to ensure a professional finish. You can take comfort knowing all of the patterns are drafted and executed by professionally trained team with your ease of use in mind."

The first time I put on this stretch velvet Scout Tee, I was at home in it! It was so nice, Catherine wanted to try it on too! This top looks great on every generation and shape that we come in.

We have made the Scout Tee several times in a variety of fabrics...it's a great layering piece and perfect for our wardrobe, regardless of the season. Tucked in or out, it's a hit!

We love its versatility...you can dress it up or keep it casual.

Laurel has made several as well...our cottons prints are a perfect choice for a casual top paired with jeans or crop pants. Maybe it's time to think about using some of the fabric you have been "saving" for just the right project? This might be it :)

 Teal Silk/Rayon Velvet, Cotton Wovens, Silver Crushed Velvet Knit, Scout Tee Pattern, Silk Velvet

The Scout can also be pepped up in a more luxurious fabric such as silk (perfect under a suit jacket).  But we thought we'd push the envelope even more and try a stretch crushed velvet! I wanted to have an everyday velvet top to wear. This fabric is so beautiful and easy to take care of and doesn't wrinkle. Velvet is also trending right now – we see it everywhere in RTW and that's why you're seeing a large selection at Stonemountain. If you are new to sewing velvet, here's a few hints:

1) If it's your first experience, then choose a crushed velvet.  It is so much more forgiving than a smooth velvet – and you can iron it without worrying about marks. We chose a gorgeous grey and a solid black, both in crushed velvet.

2) Invest in a walking foot or even-feed foot for your machine – it's amazing how simple it is to use on velvet. The walking foot pulls the fabric through from BOTH the top and the underneath feed dogs.  Laurel says she leaves her walking foot on her Viking all the time (she's blessed to have two machines). It also comes in handy for wools and other heavier fabrics.

3) You can serge the seams if you have a serger/overlock machine. This velvet is actually a knit, so there is some stretch to it. A serged seam is great, but a stretch stitch or small zig zag would work just fine too.

The Scout Tee has a simple design – no darts, easy bias neck binding, etc. Here is the inside of my Scout.

Not like we purposely pick out the same fabric, but we do end up with the "twinning" thing going on frequently. Here are the two friends, Colette and Zanikan relaxing in the studio. Notice that Laurel made a longer sleeve on her Scout by just adding length to the pattern.

The Scout calls for a bias strip to finish off the neckline, but you could easily purchase a pre-made bias binding to finish off the neckline.  Or if you are more of an intermediate sewist, you could trace a neck facing off the pattern and make it in another fabric.

I am going to wear this black velvet version 'til it falls apart!!  So in love with it!

Why not try a Scout in an ikat...or a lightweight linen, or soft rayon or even a double gauze? The possibilities are endless!

2018 is really shaping up for us all to make and wear clothes that matter. They are the foundation of building a destiny wardrobe that represents our unique talent, style, fit – and they bring us together as a community around the world. Thank you for all your support both personally and in my store. We truly are making a difference and I can feel the Stonemountain Magic really catalyzing us all to sew to new heights!

Peace, love, and prosperity,
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  1. Suzan you continue to inspire me as a sewist and as a woman. Thank you for continuing to create and nurture an environment for makers that has such a positive impact in our community.
    Peace, Love and prosperity to you too!
    Michelle Wyman #hummingbird_textiles

    1. Wow, I feel so seen and heard by you and it means the world to me! We as sewists and women have a unique perspective and this is our time to make the biggest difference. I can't wait for you to see my upcoming blog series that I have been working on for months! It's all about our power as makers in this new very interdependent feminine world and a new story for our fabric and pattern world! We should talk! much love, Suzan

  2. I love the pattern and the fabrics, just gorgeous! Are the tops on the mannequins made in black or in the grey? The grey looks like the gorgeous silvery clouds we're getting today in the coast mountains (including over your way). But the black is pretty too and I'm trying to decide. Thank you for info, Georgia

    1. Hi Georgia!, I did it in both the silvery grey and the black! Here is a link to to the silver http://www.stonemountainfabric.com/shop/Fashion-Fabrics--Quilting-Cottons/Synthetics/Velvet/p/Crushed-Stretch-Velvet-Grey-x31468001.htm
      Both are amazing and on display in the store. I would do both! Oh right I did! Go for it! ~ Suzan

  3. HI, I loved your blog on the Scout pattern. It does not suggest knits as the fabric. . How did you adjust it when you used the velvet stretch?

    Doris Alvarez

    HI Doris, we did not adjust the pattern at all for the “knit’ velvet. And we probably wouldn't for any other knit. It’s usually the other way around, i.e. if it's a knit pattern and you're trying to use a woven, then you would need to adjust.

    Can’t wait to see you make a Scout of your own!

    Happy Sewing,

  4. I love the Scout and just like you I have made it in all types of fabrics. Itsva great quick make that looks so nice. I love that you are supporting the independent pattern companies. Also, the fabric you show as one of Laurels the trees with the dresses in peach. . .what fabric line is that please?