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Head in the Clouds over Independent Pattern Choices! Yay Indie Pattern Month!

At the end of 2015, several of our collaborative team really felt that 2016 was going to be our best year yet. We all sensed a new creativity just waiting in the wings to come forth and explode into an avalanche of exciting creations, new opportunities and a fresh take on our approach.  We launched "Indie Pattern Month" on January 1st, and it was a fabulous success! 

Every day for thirty-one days we highlighted one our awesome Independent "paper" pattern makers.  Indie pattern lovers from all over showed off their beautiful indie pattern creations and we were truly inspired.

My head is spinning at how many stunning fabric/pattern combinations our customers shared. Naturally, I had to jump into the action too and, lucky for me, Laurel of Laurel's Quill (as well as my seamstress and friend) was eager to create some awesome looks for us both during our own January Indie-Sew-A-Thon.

Please stop by our store or our virtual pattern table on our website to explore our pattern collections. It's super easy to use and see all our choices. Plus you can order it from the comfort of your home. Just know that the shipping will be less when ordering only patterns  on our website store (our PayPal over estimates for patterns, but we refund the difference!).

Here we are the delicious fruits of our labor. Enjoy!

I love this dress. Let me say that again. I love this dress. The fabric is soft and drapes beautifully - who doesn't love all the gorgeous rayons by Cotton + Steel? It's not that difficult to make either. I had to laugh when Laurel (who you know is an accomplished seamstress) sewed the entire skirt on backwards and had to rip it all off and start again. Nobody's perfect!

Bettine Dress by Tilly and the Buttons Patterns!

We've made this pattern before, only as a top. I wanted to make up the long tunic in red (my new power color), for the sheer "drama" of it all. Laurel made another Obi belt to make sure we don't hide my waistline - now that's drama!

Love this tunic! Kintamani by Bali Collection.

The Arum, by Deer and Doe
This is the second time that Laurel has made the Arum.  We love this pattern for its easy style and bonus:  it looks great on all body types.  Laurel used one of our heavy ponte knits, even though the pattern calls for a woven fabric.  I love the detail of the faux leather patch pockets - she just used a pocket pattern from another pattern and added them to the sides. We sell Deer & Doe patterns in our store only, not on our website. So call us at (510) 845-6106 or email me at to purchase this one or any of their designs!

I so love Laurel in this Arum pattern by Deer and Doe!

I'm loving my new red fashions. This Davie dress is made from a yummy lightweight ponte. Perfect for work or going out to a concert, but comfy, like wearing a fitted T-shirt.

So cute! Love my Davie Dress! Thanks Sewabholic!

 We chose another rayon, this time a rayon batik. The photo on the pattern cover was so cute with the bright pink zipper in the back, we couldn't resist copying.  So adorable!

One of my favorite tops now! The Orla by Tilly and the Buttons.

This is a beginner's pattern which is why it had been to popular in our sewing community.  The interesting thing about this knit pattern is that it tells you right up front that it's made with "negative ease".  In other words, while we are so used to making garments with "room to spare", the Moneta is made to fit snugly on your frame.

Thanks Collete for another Classic Dress - the Moneta!

 This is such an easy and quick layering piece to make. If you can set in a sleeve and sew a straight line, you can whip this one out in no time. Laurel did not even put a finish on the edges of this knit - that maintains the flat effect on the seams and down the front, much like a soft sweater.  I can wear this cardigan with everything - would be great in an array of neutral knits, too!


Another great layering piece - this one is a "muslin" of sorts - Laurel just used a piece of lightweight ponte knit just to see how it might come together.  We might suggest sticking with a very lightweight knit or woven fabric. That little pocket is definitely "tiny".

This goes with everything! Love my new Draped Front Cardigan and my Tiny Pocket Tank

The Cabin, by Blueprints for Sewing
Both Laurel and I have made this great top several times (also a dress, which is below).  The Cabin can be made using any type of fabric.  This zebra polyester crepe is wonderfully flowing (there are two unicorn prints version of this fabric, too), but the dress that Laurel is modeling was made from one of our 100% cotton double gauze fabrics, created by our manager, Lauren.


The Magic Pencil Skirt, by Pamela's Patterns 
It doesn't get any easier than this knit skirt.  You can make this in one of our beginner's classes and we will also do a future post on the sewing process.  It's SEW very easy!!

Great with anything! The Pencil Skirt with my Zebra Cabin Top!

Laurel wearing Lauren's Cabin Dress! Made out of our 100% Cotton Double Gauze - dreamy!
I love soft rayon blouses, and the Aster top is no exception. Rayon is so drapey and it can be worn untucked, like I prefer, or tucked into a nice skirt or pair of slacks.

Love this Aster Top with my Pamela's Magic Pencil Skirt in Grey. 

Sometimes you just have to see something made up in order to see if you like the design.  The Lela tunic floated in and out of our pattern choices each time Laurel and my team planned our next series of garmentsThis month we just decided to go for it, and I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect top for work, and making it up in the double gauze was a touch of brilliance.

Oh my! Love this cotton double gauze print for my Lela tunic

Whose head wouldn't be in the clouds after our Indie Pattern Month? We have never been more inspired to keep this creativity train rolling throughout 2016, seeking out new patterns and fabulous fabrics to share with you,  so that you may be inspired to sew. 

Many of the patterns that we've featured are easy to make, but if you need some further inspiration, check out our list of classes.  Half the fun of sewing is sharing and learning with others. You'd be surprised how many tips and hints you can pick up in even one class!

Now that we all see what these fabulous independent designers are up to, perhaps you will see why we have made a recent decision:  We will not be re-ordering Vogue, Kwik Sew, Burda and New Look patterns. For years, they have been undermining the efforts of Brick and Mortar fabric stores, like mine, with predatory low cost pricing of their patterns in both large chain stores and online. We have hung in there with them, but it is now time to trim this branch off our tree and focus where the joy and excitement is!

I so look forward to the Magic of Sewing in 2016 with each of you!

Love and Sewing,


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