Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wardrobe Basics ~ The MixIt Top

Since I joined my Dad at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics back in 1981, I have had the luxury of having various dressmakers sew garments both for the store and for me, personally. My closets are filled with all manner of pants, blouses, skirts, jackets and sweaters that I've accumulated over the years, some that I have even sewn myself.  I have found that I have a particular style, or a "design aesthetic" as they say on Project Runway, and I see it over and over in my wardrobe choices.

Take a peek into my closet this morning!
I have my tops, skirts, pants and dresses in their own section
ready to be put together each day.

I LOVE separates! I love the way you can mix and match pants and tops with a favorite jacket or throw a dressy blouse on with a pair of jeans and boots. This year, I am working on more purposeful garment choices, choosing colors and textures, patterns and styles all designed to make a complete wardrobe.

Our Daughter's Collection Fall 2013 is an extension of the first garments that we started back in June of this year, when Laurel signed on to be one of my dressmakers. Together, our vision was to create a more cohesive look that any of our Stonemountain "loyalists" could make for herself...or at the very least, be inspired to design her own "Basic Wardrobe" using our vast selection of fabrics and patterns.

For instance, an easy top style is the MixIt Top from The Sewing Workshop. This top can be made up in almost any fabric, depending on what you want to pair it with - perhaps a silksoft cotton or rayon to wear with jeans

I chose a stretch silk in a herringbone print to pair up with a pair of deep green Colette slacks and a pale green wool-crepe mock wrap skirt (yet to be made!).

Easy to sew silk - don't be intimidated

Finding just the "right" button is easy at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics!

Stop by and see some of the garments on display
in the Fashion Room at Stonemountain!

Guess where I am going next week? To a fabric trade show in Las Vegas!!! Yes ~ Victoria and I are off on another BUYING adventure...what fabric, notions, buttons, trims and more will we find?! How much more can we fit in our shelves?

I will be sure to take lots of photos to share with you. We all love buying fabric, don't we?!!!

Happy Sewing!
a.k.a. FabricLady
Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics
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Downtown Berkeley
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  1. Loved the closet tour!!! Very Organized!!

    1. Thanks Laurel...Now I am working on more color in my clothes! It's a bit dark...