Friday, September 6, 2013

This IS My Dream Job: Buying Fabric In Downtown Los Angeles

I usually try to go to either New York or Los Angeles a couple times a year on a buying trip and it's been a while since I visited my friends in the Garment District of LA. With my shopping list in hand, I spent 3 days scouring through warehouses and picking out great fabrics so I could bring home the goods! 

There is also a biannual fabric trade show in Las Vegas which Victoria, our buyer, and I enjoy exploring to find the latest beautiful fabrics for our customers. On top of that, fabric companies send us a lot of swatches and many sales reps come by to help keep our shelves full. But, there is nothing like being in a warehouse chock-a-block full of fabric and getting the deals!

It all makes Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley one of the most dynamic fabric stores - we bring the best goods to YOU! 

This last week while I was in Los Angeles the weather was beautiful! Look at these photos and see the clear air.  I also loved the heat. I hope you enjoy them and the photos of my buying escapade!

Great view from my hotel room in Marina Del Rey!

Ready to swatch!
Some of the warehouses I get to go around and cut a "swatch" of what we want to order - yes love walking around with scissors and a bag to fill!

It's getting crowded in here!
So much fabric to go through!

Stripes anyone?
So much wonderful fabric! 

The aisles are closing in on me! 
Or is the fabric wall getting higher?

Looking for a healthy lunch can be difficult on the road -
Here at this burger stand I ordered a great Chicken burger -
no buns, but lots of avocado, lettuce, pickles and smiles! Yay!

This is how our fabric is rolled from tubes and folded onto boards!

Tubes ready to roll!
Boards awaiting!

Part of our order!

Born to buy!

My friend's beautiful new warehouse!

Ol' timer still cutting - Irwin says hi Dad!

Yes another healthy lunch downtown - Yes!

Time to take the stairs :)

Great to be back home with my husband juicing for me!

So, now I am sitting at my desk waiting for the trucks to pull up with lots of beautiful fabrics!

You may be interested in what goodies I found...well - let's just say that if you like Wool, Rayon, Knits, Silk, Cotton and Fur - you won't be disappointed! Now is always a good time to just stop by to see what's new!

I also, of course, found some great fabric that I am choosing for more of the Daughter's Fall Collection!

Here's a look at my new Mixit Sewing Workshop top I got to wear for the first time today - I love it!

Wishing you a day of ease and creativity,
a.k.a. FabricLady!
2518 Shattuck Ave @ Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
with any comments, requests or cries of outrage!


  1. What shops would you recommend in LA for those of us who do have resale licences? I always go to SM&D when I am in town but I love a good fabric adventure as well.

  2. We love F & S Fabrics - they are our sister store. Also Michael Levine is a must!
    Thanks for shopping with StM&D when you are up here!!!