Monday, August 19, 2013

Dreams of a new wardrobe - Coming True!

Fabric stores like Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics are filled with a wide variety of fabric textures and colors, both natural and synthetic. Most home sewers tend to visit us when they need a new outfit for an event or to coordinate  a top with a great pair of jeans they just bought.  

The beauty of having all these fabric choices at your fingertips is that planning a whole wardrobe becomes a sort of adventure and a lot of fun! It can seem a little overwhelming, but start with some real basic style choices and then add on pieces that coordinate as you go.  That's why I love separates,  because you can multiply your wardrobe quickly.

FabricLady holding the Vogue 8636 Knit Top from Marci Tilton
and the Betzina Pants Vogue 1355.  The garments change weekly.
Come check out this great display of garments featured here in my blog!

For instance, you can start with a basic Ikina pant like my white linen crop pants - remember these?

Then add your favorite tops! This Rayon batik is perfect for summer, especially the "island" themed pattern.

This Victory Satsuki pattern is a breeze to make and oh so comfortable to wear!

And look what else I can wear with those linen pants?

Now I am in love with the elastic waistband Ikina pants and am having them made up in silk noil (raw silk) for the Fall and Winter! I am also trying to figure out the next fabric for the Victory Satsuki top - I love it so much...maybe a dress version? The beautiful thing about making your own clothes is the flexibility we have in choosing style, color and fit!

Think wardrobe!!

Laurel searching the aisles for just the right Rayon!

So many choices of fabric, styles and colors!

This has been an amazing year of transforming my wardrobe and my eating habits - I feel great! It's all about choice - the fabrics and style we choose and the food we eat. 

I hope you will stop by and see my Daughter's Choice section in the Fashion Room of Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. 

Of course I have the deepest gratitude to my new bestest friend Laurel of Laurel's Quill. Our collaboration is a gift on many levels ~ so many amazing clothes, inspiring blog contributions, epic lunches in Berkeley and a friendship that warms my heart.  So sorry that both our sewing machines have gone kaput, but we will survive these temporary setbacks...

creatively yours,
a.k.a. FabricLady, Daughter, Zan!


  1. I'm loving our whole creative adventure, and especially your friendship!!!

  2. How can it get any better than this? See you in a couple of weeks!