Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wools, Silks, Cottons and way too much more...

Can you feel it in the air? It's time to sew! The store is full and getting fuller every day with the new shipments coming in.

What are you getting ready to sew for fall? We have the best wool, silk and knits ever!

Most of our designer fabrics are coming over from Italy and you won't find them anywhere else. Our long time connections in the apparel industry are really coming through for us. Since all our domestic mills have shut down here in the United States and there are no more protective duties to pay, it's Italy and France for us!

I am sending out a big thanks to all the Fashion Students in San Francisco and the East Bay for coming to Stonemountain & Daughter for their fashion lines!

OK, back to pricing some of the fabric you see in those cartons...hmmm I wonder what's in them? Come find out!


  1. I'm delighted to discover that you have a blog! I look forward to more updates :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! What types of updates would you like to hear about? Thanks!

  3. Some quick thoughts off the top of my (often empty) head: Profiles of your teachers, customer submissions of items made from your fabric, pictures of the fabulous samples you have hanging around, interviews with local designers whose patterns you carry, favorite notions, books, etc., creative ideas, sewing tutorials.....I'm sure I can come up with more lol!