Thursday, September 29, 2011

4 Generations strong!

I love this photo of my Grandfather and great-uncles! My Dad grew in Steinberg & Sons Fabric business which began in Los Angeles in 1919.

This was a photo in 1967 when my dad opened up the first counter-culture "hippy" fabric store focusing on cotton and natural fibers - a big change from the polyester double-knits that everybody was wearing. We have been buying from companies like Alexander Henry and Hoffman fabrics for over 45 years!

One of the things that drew me into the fabric business with my father, was this long time family connection and contacts that felt so right. When I joined my father in 1981, there were very few women anywhere in the business. We bought from men; men were the sales reps and men owned fabric stores. I doubt the same doors would have been opened to me without my Dad at that time. It has been a privilege to help grow our business into the unique and valuable resource that it has become.

Dad and I are still going strong after 30 years on Shattuck Avenue. Please come see us soon and work with our experienced and helpful staff on your next project.

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