Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wardrobe Essentials - New Leggings with Just One Pattern Piece!!!

My handmade wardrobe is pretty versatile and designed especially for work and play.  I love wardrobe layering so at any time I can either shed a jacket if I'm too warm or add one if I'm too cold.  I love easy dressing...garments that are simply designed, but with style elements that make them unique to me, just by the choice of fabric.

If I have to choose a favorite layering garment, it would be leggings.  I wear them under dresses, tunics and skirts. I pair them with sandals and flats in the summer and boots in the winter months.

And just in time for the chilly weather, Sonya Phillips has introduced her version of the legging, Pants No. 2. To celebrate the release of this great new pattern, we threw a Pants Party here at Stonemountain! We are such fans of the 100 Acts of Sewing line and the new Pants No. 2 does not disappoint!

It was a glorious day at the store, with patterns and knits flying out the door, just proving that I am not alone in my love of leggings. Naturally, I had to give this pattern a go, since it will likely become another Sonya favorite.

You need a lot of stretch for this pattern—and the instructions even include a handy guide to test the stretch in your fabric. How cool is that?

This uber soft AGF cotton/spandex knit will do just the trick (and fit in with my love of celestial prints!) Laurel chose one of our double brushed poly knits in a mustard gold, after being inspired by one of Sonya's Pants No.2 samples in a similar color.

We say the fewer number of seams in a legging, the better, 
so we love that the pattern has ONE PIECE!

Get out the serger if you have one, or use your stretchiest stitch or a small zig-zag on your machine and rock this pattern in an hour!

Stitching or Serging

Hint: If your machine is not happy sewing elastic, you can always sew a "casing" at the waist and snake the elastic through the casing...the end result is the same.

Sonya's patterns are full of practical tips! In elastic pants or leggings we can't always tell the front from the back, so it's wonderful that the instructions remind you to make a small tag.

Best advice ever, Sonya! 

 YES, we do!!!

Laurel: "These work great!"

 Peace Love and Prosperity


  1. Sonja's Dress #2 is my all time favorite TNT. I make it in many different kinds of fabrics with variations on neck and sleeves to change the look....so of course I have try this pattern out to pair with them!

  2. Hi! I love the Dress #2 and I know you will love these leggings!