Monday, May 1, 2017

Oh Sonya - We Are Glad We Found You!

Get ready for sewing blast off this May! I am so excited to bring you some great patterns to get started sewing for warmer weather and #memademay17! 

We've talked a lot about how fabric choices can change the look and feel of a pattern and nowhere is this more on point than with the design aesthetic of Sonya Philips' 100 Acts of Sewing pattern line. These wonderful designs have simple lines and not a lot of frills, leaving you the opportunity to make each garment your own through fabric choices.

Today is the perfect day to wear my Dress No. 2

Lauren was thinking the same thing when she chose her Dress No. 1 to wear.

Dress No 1, Claire is wearing her Cleo Dungaree Dress by Tilly and the Buttons and I'm in Dress No. 2

Dress No. 2 Great in wovens and knits!

Feels so good on!

Looks amazing in this Poly Burnoout Knit we got in!

This easy top (Shirt No. 1) takes about an hour to whip up - why not try a soft ikat, linen or double gauze - perfect for Spring and Summer!!

My Shirt No. 1 is amazing!
One way to make the Dress No.1 or 2 is to change up the pockets - or leave them off altogether!  Depending on your fabric's pattern, why not try switching up the direction of the pocket, like these large stars - the pockets are turned 90 degrees on the pattern.

Take one of our African Cotton Imports and make
the Ultimate Dress No. 1
Or try cutting the pocket pattern on the bias - works great with plaids and checks!

Dress No. 1

Love this!

Pocket Detail!
And of course, we love layers!! Make two Dress No.1's and alter the hem length on one.

Together! Heavenly!  Made in Loominous 2 fabric by Anna Maria Horner.
Laurel cut the neckline slightly lower on one dress, so the other would show.

Details, details!

Great to find two fabrics that play so nicely together.
Laurel made this whole ensemble for our recent Trunk Show Event - a Dress No. 1 underneath a Dress No. 2 over a pair of Pants No. 1.  The body of Dress No. 2 is made in a woven fabric, while the sleeves are a soft black jersey knit.  The Dress No. 2 is a little fuller than the sleeveless Dress No. 1, so Laurel did adjust out some of that fullness. The Pants No.1 are made with our beautiful Nevada Linen. (Where did she get those perfectly matched flats??!)

Laurel's amazing outfit - So fancy!

The neckline and pockets are trimmed in a cotton and lurex blend.

Layering is a great option!
Great details to add!
Again, make the pockets your own!
Combining fabrics in a surprising manner!

Ok now it's your turn to find your favorite fabrics and make up your own No. 1 and No. 2's!

Keep on Sewing,
Suzan Steinberg

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