Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jumping into 2017 - Our Year for Sewing for Ourselves!

January 2017...Without a lot of fanfare, we usher in a new year. We like to think that 2016 will be a tough act to follow but really, we are as excited about the coming year as ever. We could do a lot of planning and deep thought, sharing all our aspirations, resolutions and strategies for 2017, but why not just jump in and get started!

I love how Laurel decides what to make for our first garment of 2017. Always the practical dreamer, she studies the work studio, checks out the equipment and notes the last color used on the serger - maroon. That settles that -  let's make something that will match this thread!

It may seem cool for this soft lightweight lawn, but how we love wearing it! (And isn't that why they invented layers?)

We chose Liesl & Co.'s "Gallery Tunic". These easy flowing shirts look so great with jeans. It's a great pattern to start off the new year for any body type. The pattern features a simple one piece collar and three-quarter length sleeves.

Interfacing always comes first when starting a new garment.  Laurel keeps a pretty good stash of interfacing on hand - it's always a good idea to purchase more than you need for a particular garment so that you can build up a collection to draw from whenever you need to add body to a collar or placket.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting all ready to sew and realize that you have to drive to the fabric store because you forgot to get interfacing. We keep a large selection of interfacing on hand here at the store and also available in our web store! I like to think that we have the best interfacing selection around. Look for an upcoming blog from our Stonemountain blog on interfacing soon!

We chose a woven fusible interfacing as our fabric is quite lightweight. It will be placed in the collar and the front placket facing.

The Gallery Tunic works up fairly easily - placket front, shoulder seams, collar, sleeves, side seams and hem.

Oh Snap!!!

Why not just jump in and make something new? Even if it's been a while since you've sewn, just throw the cover off the machine and GO! Don't over think it, don't worry about whether it "goes with anything" or if it might be challenging.  Half the battle of sewing is just starting.  Once you begin on a new project, feel the purr of the sewing machine and touch the folds of the fabric, it all comes back to you. And once again, all is right with the universe.

Do stay tuned to our 2017 adventures, here on Fabriclady as well as our Stonemountain Blog - we will continue to focus on our independent designers, capturing their vision in yummy fabrics and inspiring you to try new styles and learn new techniques.

If you aren't on Instagram, you may want to join all of us sewists there! It's easy and fun to follow and get inspired by what everyone in our worldwide community is doing. You can follow me at fabriclady3 and my store at stonemountainfabric.

Thank you for your continued support and  Happy sewing!! It's going to be a rockin' New year!!

Love and gratitude,


  1. I love this advice to jump right in. It's been a while since I made time to sew (other than for xmas gifts). I had my machine repaired last weekend and have a half-finished project (Decades 1930s Butterfly Blouse) on my mannequin. Resolving now to finish it this weekend after the Women's March, and wear it next week!

    1. Hi Genevieve, we can all inspire each other to jump in or step up our sewing. I love that you will be doing this after the Women's March! As we make time for our selves and our own sewing, our world changes around us. We step out into the world draped in our own creation! Cheers to all of us! ~ Suzan

  2. Ditto on what Genevieve said: it's been too long since I've taken to my machine and made something for myself. This would be a good way to start. Thanks for posting. Love the tunic!!

    1. Hi Sweetrsyl! Yes! This is the time to start and how do we know that? Because it's in our heart and our desire to create is letting itself be known. We need to listen more to this inner knowing and take to our machines and create! The tunic is fantastic and there is more to come that is easy, expressive and fun to wear. love, Suzan

  3. I often select my next project based upon my current serger thread color, too. ;-)