Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Be Still my Hippie Heart! Love this Lela Tunic!

Our second indie pattern for 2016 is Green Bee's Lela Tunic. This is another of those that we've had in our stash for a bit and just decided to finally sew it up. The Lela Tunic features dolman sleeves with neckline and sleeve edges that are are finished with bias.

Laurel and Suzan! Laurel is wearing her new Three's a Charm Jacket.

We chose to make the longer tunic style in a beautiful soft double gauze by Nani Iro.  We have a Nani Iro Cabin in the works, and several of our Stonemountain staffers have made garments with this double gauze.  It's easy to sew, especially when the pattern is simple, such as the Lela.

The "Poppy Trip" pattern has a cute border along the selvages, so we decided to incorporate that edging into our design.  Remember, it's all about making a garment "yours" by adding design details that reflect your personality.

The Lela tunic has slits up each side—that's a great place to add detail. Laurel applied the border print to the slits by sewing it on top of the fabric, almost like you would apply a decorative zipper to the back seam of a dress.

She also added the edging to the sleeve, which is pieced.

And a little detail to the back yoke - why not!

The Lela will be so easy to wear, and I can't help but notice that our rendition has a little hippie vibe going for it. I can see me wearing this with some soft white linen pants this summer.

Cheers to spring sewing!


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