Monday, July 14, 2014

How about a Travel Skirt?

This summer, we've been talking about our travel wardrobes and finding the ideal garments for every travel situation.  We hadn't really thought too much about making a shorter length skirt until Laurel's daughter-in-law approached her on one of the family's swim nights by the pool, wearing a cute knit skirt that she had purchased at a department store. Holly and her family are taking their motor home to the Grand Canyon in a few days for an extended drive trip, so naturally, she is looking for the perfect wardrobe items that will suit her travel plans.

The knit skirt is cool and comfortable, perfect for the long drives through the Southwest. But since she had to pay retail ($$), she was pretty sure that her mother-in-law could replicate the skirt, and for less cost. After some whining and promises for a bottle of nice wine, Laurel agreed to make her a couple of skirts like her ready-to-wear garment.

Laurel found a very travel-worthy nylon and spandex knit in the store and chose our New Look 6155 skirt and pants pattern.  The skirt pattern had similar lines to Holly's garment, and with a couple of very minor adjustments, Laurel knew it would work.

This skirt only takes one yard of 60" fabric. She chose the size closest to the skirt measurements, and:
  • Instead of a zipper, the already stretchy waistband would have elastic inserted at the top
  • Instead of having a seam down the back, both front and back panels are placed on the fold
  • Instead of the back darts, added a little width at the hem

The waist band is eased onto the skirt, using a stretch or a zig-zag stitch, whichever suits the stretch of your knit. Be sure to test your stitches on a fabric scrap and use a ball-point needle.
 The elastic is attached to the "lining" (underneath side) of the waistband, stretching it as you zig-zag the edge.

Top stitching details should never be forgotten - they are what makes even a simple garment look professional. Laurel is fond of two rows of top stitching, a feature which she uses frequently on my knit garments.
A quick machine stitched hem (2 rows of stitching, please!) and Holly's skirt is ready for her trip.

Holly in her Travel Skirt!!!

"Laurel, (whine, whine..) I want one too!"

This simple knit skirt is the reason why we want you to dust off your sewing machines and start sewing!  Sewing for yourself saves money and you can find almost any look and style in a similar pattern.  Stonemountain has a wealth of pattern choices and fabrics for your travel wardrobe.

Drop by the store, or visit our website to order online!

I am still feeling so full and happy from my buying trip to New York City a few weeks back…now all the fabric is just about in and the shelves are full of amazing designer imported fabrics! I hope you will come by and visit and see what's new and inspiring!

Let's do this!

Creatively Yours,

Just two of the boxes that came in last week!