Monday, April 28, 2014

Creatively Yours...

In my years as the Daughter of Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics I have have been blessed to be surrounded by many creative women, men, customers, staff, and fellow sewing enthusiasts. In our 33 years in Berkeley, fabric trends have changed, styles have come and gone, and yet, our business hums on in a gentle wave of highs and lows.  

We have endured, we have weathered, we have grown and we have flourished.

Despite the many successes and little victories of the past, I've never been more excited than with the NOW that is happening at Stonemountain. This past year, we have seen an abundance of changes and I have felt the tide rising to a new level of excitement. It's contagious, and it flows from everything and everyone associated with our store.

From a fresh coat of paint...

 and a new logo (one of our variations)...

to a renewed emphasis on garment sewing...

a more deliberate approach to social media...

and exciting new website looks...


The store is BUZZING and there's never been a better time to come in and join the excitement. Of course you can shop online by using our convenient Online Store, but let me personally invite you to come in and share the creative and visual experience that is Stonemountain.
Touch and feel the fabric!
Take a class!
Talk to our excellent staff!
Start a project!

Whether you are quilter, crafter, student or expert seamstress, 
Stonemountain & Daughter is your go-to place 
for all things creative! 

Always Creatively Yours,


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  1. Suzan, thank you for your uplifting blog and your renewed focus on garment making which I love but never seem to get to. I am excited about your excitement.