Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reflections and Relationships…Fabric Unites!

From the moment I began my journey in the world of fabric, it was always the relationships that magically happened along the way. My father, dear friends and family, the customers, our vendors, amazing staff, teachers and students and the greater community that has evolved into something so meaningful as I reflect back over the last year and in fact, lifetime of being a fabric lover and merchant.

A fabric lover is also a lover of people. And as a fabric merchant I love our community. Our store is a center for me to meet and connect with so many different communities that, in turn, cross-over, merge and branch out from one another.

I love seeing a woman who learned, as a teenager, how to sew in our sewing classes grow into a fashion designer who brings in her son when shopping with us. A quilter who knows she can always come in to show off her newest creation for a standing ovation. A person who just wanders in from off the street, gasps after five steps inside the store and declares that they have arrived in "HEAVEN!" A group of seasoned quilters who spend several hours following each other around the store showing of their favorites and giggling like teenagers in love. A grandparent bringing in their grandchild to choose their first sewing project. A fellow seamstress blogger who's life passions are so closely similar to my own that we generate a collaboration that ignites and fuels a Garment Sewing Revolution!  These are memories that bring warmth and delight to my heart. These are the reflections and relationships that truly activate my life's intent of building community through our shared love of fabric.

Lasting relationships are built through sharing joy. My dad and I have spent over half my life cultivating relationships with merchants to share amazing fabric with our customers. Our staff and instructors share their vast knowledge and passion for fabric, buttons, crafts, quilts, trim, garment design and fit. And in turn, our customers share their successes and creativity with me and I am inspired to find more deliciousness to keep this beautiful cycle going!



  1. Such memories you must have, Zan. So very grateful to be part of making new ones:)

    1. These are the good ole' days Lo! Let's make more on Thursday :)