Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Sew" many choices...

This whole wardrobe adventure has my head spinning! When I first got this idea of having someone create a new fashion look for me, I knew that owning a fabric store would perhaps be an advantage when it comes to selecting fabrics. But with so many style ideas and so many fabric choices at Stonemountain & Daughter, I have to admit that actually planning a coordinated wardrobe takes some serious forethought.

My PFC ("Personal Fashionista Consultant") and new friend Laurel and I started with some miscellaneous choices just to test the waters - a few knits,  a silk here and there. But as the weeks have passed, we are pretty much "full tilt" into this adventure and starting to really get serious about fabric and style choices. Having a wardrobe created for you only makes sense if it all fits together- it becomes your personal fashion statement.

For instance, the some of the latest fabrics I've been choosing are starting to look a little more Fall-ish, despite the fact that the Summer is still alive and well.  Did I mention that I'm also trying to plan some outfits for a little island fun in the Fall?

Island fun?? A woman can dream!!

I chose this soft rayon batik to make Victory Pattern's "Satsuki" top
Bonus - it will look great with my white linen crop pants!

Fall fun?? I love the colors and weather in the fall!!

This Polyester knit is a great choice for New Look Workroom #6098.  
This "Project Runway" top has a figure flattering band at the waist and three-quarter length sleeves.

We just got in some beautiful lightweight raw silk noils and I couldn't resist - a deep brown to go with the knit above and a pretty periwinkle that will go with my new Sandra Betzina top (the dark ochre colored noil was Laurel's choice for herself). We love the nubby texture. Let there be crop pants all year long! In the summer they look great with sandals and in the winter, I can get my comfy boots out. I love clothes that I can wear year round with different looks.

In the spirit of "this old thing?", I dug this knit out of my stash.  I fell in love with it long ago and I still love it. It is screaming maxi-skirt, with enough left over for a simple strapless "tube" top. Sandy beaches here I come!!

Ah....back to work choosing fabrics and helping customers!
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It's all so much better in person!!!

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Blessings and joy,

And on the health side of things, I completed 39 days of the Whole9 Nutrition reset and now am staying fairly true to a Paleo diet.  I have never felt better and it's a fun way to eat. Here are some wonderful recipes that are on my list to try:

This weekend I am going to make the sweet potato hash with fried eggs! Yumm!


  1. I stole the photo of us. We look "mahvelous"

  2. We have so many wonderful photos to share - Love you Laurel!!!