Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stunning Knits to Sew!

Sew up a stunning knit dress! 
Pattern - Vogue 8871 - Misses' Dress - Very Easy Vogue
Don't you just love the pattern with the pop of color in the shoes?
This close-fitting, flared, pullover dress has an elegant narrow hem. Make it knee length or longer, with or without sleeves.
Beginners take note - sleeveless is easier!
Intermediates - sleeveless is faster.

We think it would be beautifully flowy in our drapy rayon knits.

Here are a few stunning choices.

Vogue suggests lightweight knits such as jersey and ponte knits which we also carry! For real 

beginners the ponte will be easier.

Solids - Ponte Knits

What is a muslin test garment?
Sewists make a  muslin "test" garment and fit it before  cutting into beautiful fashion fabric. It may seem like more work, but it is essential if you want to personalize the fit of the garment.

Need help fitting your test muslin?
Come to a Sew Lab where our teachers can help you fit it!
Many sessions to choose from during the week!
Isn't that a lot of work to make two garments for one pattern?
The test garment is made with basting stitches which makes the process faster than you would think. First time mistakes are often made on the test garment, making the finished garment of higher quality and easier to sew.
Want help making one?
Once Lynda helps you translate the necessary changes  to your paper pattern, you will be good to go! Lynda works her magic  and sculpts your customized muslin to your unique figure. Learn your  figure's characteristics and personalize adjustments to customize  patterns for a flattering fit.
These tips are in answer to a question from one of our students.
"If one of the patterns I  want to fit is a pattern for knits, do I make the muslin in a knit or a  woven?  I would think it should be a knit, but am not sure."

 If  the  knit  is  stable  (wool  doubleknit)  then  test  the  fit  in  muslin.  The  main  thing  with  fitting  knits  is  to  find  a  knit  with  exactly  the  same  amount  of  stretch  for  the  test  garment.
Lynda Maynard
When making a "muslin" the fabric of the final garment should be closely matched with a similar fabric - but less expensive.

For example, if making a silk charmeuse garment, use a poly-charmeuse or another fabric that has a similar drape and hand.
Be aware that when using knits, the "muslin" knit fabric should be close to the same degree of stretch and weight as the final garment and also check to make sure that both fabrics either have one-way stretch or a two-way stretch.
Barbara Beccio

Do you have a question that you would liked answered?
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