Friday, October 26, 2012

Time for a Visual Feast at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in the Bay Area!

Take the Stonemountain & Daughter Tour!

Welcome! As you enter the store you see our cotton batiks!

cotton batiks

Stonemountain is crazy for cottons - we have prints of every kind!
Down the long aisle of our colorful flannels...

This flannel crossword puzzle print would make a great pair of PJ's!

Turn the corner to the other side of the store and you are at..
Fur Mountain!

Fur, Fur, Fur!
Behind Fur Mountain is our eco felt, wool felt, and craft felt
and our glitter vinyl...
The smaller room downstairs is our Fashion Room.
Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics originally started in this room!
The Fashion Room has all different weaves of silk...
chiffons, charmeuse, dupionis, suitings, organza...
And so much more...wools, knits, polyesters, velvets..
Magnificent warm wools!
To the side of our wools is our linen wall..
Polyester fabrics viewed over the tipy tops of ruffles!
Up the stairs at the back of our silk room is our classroom and our half off fabrics.. (1/2 off cottons are in the back of the main room)
Half Off Wools!
Want to take a sewing class? 
Here are a few that are coming up in November!
 Sewing Class - Perfect Seams with Barbara Beccio

Learn when to use different seam finishes to add a  professional look to your garments. Begin with a basic plain seam and  advance to Flat-felled, French and Welt, Bias Bound seam and the Hong Kong seam; along with topstitching and edgestitching.
Sewing Class - Beginning 101PP and / or Beginning 101QQ
Come learn to sew or improve your skills in these hands-on classes with  plenty of one-on-one time. This class is open to first time sewers AND  for continuing students who want to continue to build their skills!
Sewing Class - Nouveau Sashiko - Hand Sewing with Carrie Besso

Sashiko is a beautiful form - traditional Japanese quilting using a simple running stitch.
Serger Projects of Your Choice

Would you like to do more with your serger than  finish edges? Come learn new techniques while making a great project in  our new Serger Techniques Class! Bring your serger or use one of ours.
Back downstairs to our fashion room - before you leave the store - Holiday fabrics are in this room as well..
Gorgeous velvets and velveteens
Learn to sew velvet, silk charmeuse, sheers, sequins, fur -
These fabrics are essential for a great party and the holidays!
Sneak Peak of Holiday Fabrics...
Look forward to more in upcoming holiday news!


  1. Stone Mountain is truly an inspiring shop - we love your huge collection of cotton prints and Japanese fabrics!

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