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Where can I take sewing and quilting classes? Stonemountain & Daughter in Berkeley has been teaching for 17 years!

17 years ago, I sat down in a hotel room up in Portland and put together the plan for our sewing school at my store in Berkeley.  My husband was traveling a lot at the time, so it seemed like a great getaway to create something that had not been done before.  The school and our classes were an instant success as our community really needed it - for all ages, levels and interests.  I consider these classes one of my greatest gifts and accomplishments and truly appreciate the huge collective focus by our teachers and the staff at Stonemountain & Daughter for their commitment to the finest learning experience we can provide.      
Summer is a great time to improve your sewing. The slower pace, relaxed atmosphere, and longer days are especially conducive for taking a class after work. Or perhaps you find yourself in between projects; sewing or otherwise! Either way, summer is often a great time to develop your skills or pick up a few new techniques. So what classes are available this summer? Read on to find out!
Want to learn to sew with knits? Sewing knits can be trouble-free when you know the right techniques and newest notions that tame even the most challenging knit fabrics. 
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We offer two classic knit classes:
Sewing on Knit Fabric with Terry McClintock
This class is project based and the next below is technique based.
Crash Course - How to Sew Knits with Nicole Vasbinder 
 Just have a few hours? Consider picking up specific construction techniques in a one-session class. All of your future projects will benefit!

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Perfect Seams for any Garment

We also have some fun hand sewing classes. Hand sewing is a nice complement to your machine sewing. Hand sewing allows for great control and precision in your sewing.
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Essential Hand Stitches
Stonemountain has a new youth class -
Beginner Hand Sewing for Kids ages 6+.
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This is a great class for kids who just can't wait to get sewing as well as a springboard to construction techniques in later classes. 
            A favorite of our 9 - 15 year old sewers for summer is Youth Summer Sewing Camp. Camp is already in full swing, yet there are many sections to join!
Colette has come out with a new dress pattern, just right for summer fun! Their Hazel dress features a flattering V-seamed bodice with side panels cut on the bias.

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Since the side panels are on the bias you can have fun playing with patterns such as stripes, dots, and plaids, and altering them for fun effect! This fun Robert Henry polka dot cotton would be fun for this. Subtle because of the dots - but it does activate the pattern! TIP: Experiment with the angle of your bias layout to change it. 
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        This cherry fabric is less subtle on the bias then the polka dots -

 you can really see the effect here!
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Colette Dress 1021 - Hazel
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Stonemountain & Daughter Sewing Gallery          
Here is the Collette Hazel pattern made up by our very own customer service representative, Janet Sandberg for her daughter. What a beautiful fit!

Collette rates this dress at beginner level, we might say advanced beginner to intermediate, because you need to know how layout on the bias and put in an invisible zipper.   If you don't know how - dive right into our one session zipper class this summer with Terry McClintock!
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101 Beginning and Beyond is our most popular class! It offers fifteen hours of sewing on a project of your choice. It is for beginning students and for continuing students who wish to work on a project to full completion.
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We are also offering a new class; a Mini Beginning and Beyond, which offers 9 hours of sewing in two or three sessions.
Have you ever seen a pattern you liked but wanted to tweak it just a little bit? Barbara Beccio will lead you through the steps of altering a pattern.
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 Pattern Adjustment with Barbara Beccio
Working with your choice of Kwik Sew patterns 3829, 3717, and 3838  (skirt, vest, or jacket) patterns will be adjusted and time allowing the  fabric cut out and sewing begun. If you need more time with Barbara on your project after this one session class jump into one of her Sew Lab sessions and she is there to help you!
Pattern making allows you greater control over your garments, as you are no longer limited to the confines of existing patterns. Want to get started?
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  Intro to Draping and Pattern Drafting

There  are two main components to pattern making - flat pattern and draping.  In flat pattern you can create a master pattern (block / sloper) off of  measurements where as draping uses a dress form to create or adjust a  pattern in three-dimensions. There are different advantages to both and they can be used together or separately.
Want to learn more about flat pattern development? Take one of Annette Juilly's classes. In Annette's Create a Block / Sloper class you learn to create a master pattern to alter or help you fit existing patterns for a custom look and feel. Your created sloper can also be used to draft new original designs of your own!

In Annette's Copy Ready to Wear class you learn to recreate your existing favorite top, skirt, or pant without taking it apart.
Want to learn to quilt? Angie Woolman takes you through a structured process of designing your own patchwork sections on paper and growing your quilt on a design board.
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Freeform Doorways
Don't miss out on Ann Tarabini's Beginning Quilting Series!
Rotary Cutting Rectangles
Rectangles are the most common shapes in quilts!
Rotary Cutting Strips to Make a Nine Patch Block
Learn the very versatile nine patch block.
Learn to make a pattern/template for any quilt block you would like to piece.
Rotary Cutting Half Square Triangles.
If you haven't seen our class brochure, come by the store to pick your own copy, or review classes on our website. As we have added so many new classes, we no longer send out the brochure in the mail, but if you need us to mail you a copy: email us!

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